Expert Biosolids Removal, Land Application & Septage Receiving in Washington

Expert Biosolids Removal in Washington | Tenelco IncTenelco provides expert biosolids removal for municipalities across Washington, knowledgeable cropland application of those biosolids, and septage receiving for septic pumping companies throughout the state. Headquartered in Lake Stevens, our fleet of trucks and land application vehicles collect, transport, process and deposit biosolid waste, transforming liabilities into opportunities. With many years’ experience, our team can provide the waste management services your municipality needs.

Municipal Biosolids Removal

Tenelco is designed to help your municipality save significant time and money on the waste management process. Washington State municipalities are required to produce biosolids that meet Class B state and federal regulations, with 95% of pathogens eradicated from waste at municipal water treatment facilities. Tenelco has the state permits to retrieve and haul Class B biosolids from municipal sewage treatment plants to cropland application sites in numerous locations within the state.

Biosolids Transport & Land Application

Tenelco provides municipalities a more eco-friendly alternative to dumping waste in landfills. Our company works with agricultural landowners who utilize biosolids on their farmland as a ‘greener’ and more effective fertilizer. Land-applied biosolids have been proven to make farmland 30+% more productive than synthetic fertilizers, while also being safer for the environment. And with our own transport and application vehicles and equipment, we can land-apply biosolids year-round.

Septic Receiving

Tenelco also has state permits to perform septage receiving services. Our local facilities provide a place for septic pumping companies to offload collected septage, which are then processed into Class B form to deliver to cropland application in Washington.

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Our Customer Service Commitment

Locally owned and operated, we have a long and successful history in the region, and we credit much of our success to the way we interact with and care for our clients. From municipal treatment facilities to local farms to independently owned septic pumping companies, we’re committed to providing the highest level of biosolids removal service.

Superior Biosolids Removal, Land Application & Septage Receiving Services

Serving municipalities, agricultural landowners and septic pumping companies throughout Washington