Common Questions About Biosolids Removal in Washington

biosolids removal, biosolids transportDo you need to know more about biosolids and the biosolids removal process in Washington? While a waste management professional can answer specific questions, the following biosolids removal information may also be helpful.

What are biosolids?

Biosolids are organic materials filled with nutrients. They are the result of domestic sewage treatment and can be applied as fertilizer to improve the productivity of the soil. Before treatment, this material is often referred to as sewage sludge.

How are biosolids generated and processed?

The biosolid treatment process can actually begin before the wastewater ever reaches the sewage plant. Pre-treatment includes removing any potentially hazardous contaminants. The plant removes solids, after which the sewage goes through various physical, chemical and biological processes to clean the water. Once the wastewater has been sanitized, biosolids can be removed and transported to various end users.

Where are biosolids used?

Biosolids removal, transportation and use are heavily regulated. There are, however, several uses for this treated material. Farmers and gardeners often utilize biosolids to promote crop growth. This reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. Growers in all 50 states use biosolids.

Need Biosolids Removal Services in Washington?

Do you need to schedule biosolids removal for your company in Washington? Now that you’re more familiar with this process, it’s time to discuss your specific needs with a professional. The pros at Tenelco Inc. in Lake Stevens offer superior services, including biosolids transport and land application. We also offer eco-friendly alternatives to waste dumping in landfills with our process. Not only do we have the necessary permits, but our highly-trained specialists are committed to providing expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation as knowledgeable and skilled professionals capable of accommodating any waste management need. Our team can ensure that your facility or company adheres to state and federal regulations.

Biosolids Removal Services in Washington

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