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biosolids and land application WashingtonHow are biosolids used in Washington? Companies and landowners benefit significantly from utilizing biosolids. Safer than traditional fertilizers and rich with nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, biosolids replenish organic matter in soil and make absorption more efficient. As an eco-friendly alternative to dumping waste into landfills, scientists have found biosolids and land application to be an effective alternative to synthetic fertilizers. 


Biosolids can be used to fertilize crop fields. This can reduce farmers’ production costs and replenish the organic matter in the soil, leading to better success in the future.

Mine Reclamation

This is also a good solution for mine sites. Biosolids can help establish suitable vegetation in the affected area. Additionally, application will help regenerate the soil layer over time. It’s ideal for areas with little or no remaining topsoil.


Another use for biosolids is in the forestry business. The material can promote rapid timber growth, which allows for a quicker and more efficient harvest cycle.


Biosolids can be composted and used to enhance lawns and gardens. Resulting products are generally highly desirable because they can be easily stored, transported and applied.

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