Requirements for Transporting Biosolids in Washington

Requirements for Transporting Biosolids WashingtonNot just anyone can transport biosolids in Washington. As a safer, eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical fertilizers, biosolids are particularly valuable assets in the farming industry. They can replenish soil and increase crop yield without polluting nearby groundwater. Consequences for relocating this material incorrectly, however, can be significant. That’s why it’s so important to adhere to all state requirements for transporting biosolids. Always verify that these essential management requirements are being met when biosolids are moved from one location to another.

Legal Permit

The state regulates the storage, disposal, transportation and land application of biosolids. In order to participate in any of these activities, a state-issued permit is required. If you or the company you’re planning to hire does not have a permit, attempting to move these materials could lead to significant legal action and fines.

Properly Cleaned Transportation Vehicle

Vehicles used to transport biosolids are sometimes the same vehicles used to transport food crops, feed crops and fiber crops. This is acceptable, but only as long as the vehicle is properly cleaned beforehand.  

Spill Prevention/Response Plan

Spill prevention and response plans are also necessary for biosolids transportation. Plans can be provided by either the sending or receiving entity and must include the following:

  • Main route traveled and possible alternate routes
  • Spill prevention measures
  • Equipment needed to respond appropriately to a spill carried on the vehicle
  • Spill response measures
  • Contact information 

Need Help with Requirements for Transporting Biosolids in Washington?

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Help with Requirements for Transporting Biosolids in Washington

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