Crop Harvest Waiting Periods after Biosolids Application in Washington

biosolids application washington Biosolids application for agricultural purposes can be extremely beneficial in Washington. While it’s considered a safer, eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical fertilizers, farmers must become familiar with crop harvesting restrictions after biosolids have been applied. Waiting periods vary from crop to crop, but all regulations must be followed.

Above Ground Food Crops with No Contact

Crops grown above ground that don’t have direct contact with the biosolids materials can be harvested relatively quickly after biosolids application. These include cherries and wheat. In most cases, the waiting period is only 30 days.

Above Ground Food Crops with Contact

If the harvest part of the plant does have contact with the biosolids, however, the waiting period for harvesting is longer. Above ground crops like lettuce and cucumber must be harvested 14 months after biosolids application.

Root Food Crops

There are a number of common root food crops, including onions and potatoes. These vegetables do have direct contact with the biosolids material so the harvest waiting period is longer. A key factor is the length of time the biosolids remain on the soil surface. When this period is equal to or less than four months, the crops can be harvested after 20 months. If the material remains on the soil surface for more than four months, harvesting is allowed after 38 months.

Feed and Fiber Crops

Feed and fiber crops, such as range land, pasture, trees and cotton, have short waiting periods. These items can be harvested after only 30 days. Turf, on the other hand, requires a waiting period of one year.

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