Requirements for Biosolids Applied to Agricultural Land Sites in Washington

Requirements for Biosolids washington The application of biosolids for agricultural purposes is permitted in Washington. In fact, as a safer, eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical fertilizers, this process is particularly beneficial to the farming industry. Biosolids can replenish soil, increase crop yield and cause no groundwater pollution. It is important to realize, however, that companies with a permit to apply these materials to agricultural land sites must adhere to a number of important requirements for biosolids. Make sure the provider you choose follows the following guidelines:

Remove Manufactured Inerts

Before land application is possible, the biosolids must meet requirements for removal of manufactured inerts. At minimum, they must contain <1% by volume of recognizable manufactured inerts. Additionally, the material must be screened through a bar screen with a maximum 3/8 inch aperture. Other Ecology-approved equivalents are acceptable.

Test the Soil 

New biosolids land application sites must be tested for pollutants before the process can begin. The material cannot exceed the ceiling concentration limits. Nutrient levels must also be examined prior to each application, even if the land has been approved previously. 

Determine the Agronomic Rate

Biosolids have to be applied at an appropriate agronomical rate. This rate is determined by nutrient levels in the soil. The company that is providing the materials is responsible for determining this rate. Make sure this information is provided prior to scheduling biosolids transportation

Restrict Public Access

Additionally, public access to the area where biosolids are applied must be restricted. At minimum, the sites must be posted for as long as the areas are off limits. All exceptions must have prior approval from Ecology.

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