Site Management Restrictions after Biosolids Application in Washington

Site Management Restrictions after biosolids application washington Biosolids can be used for agricultural purposes, often functioning as a safe, eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical fertilizers in Washington. If you’re interested in using biosolids, you’ll need to become familiar with site management restrictions after biosolids application.  Every situation is a little different, but these important restrictions must be met or you could face significant fines.

Surface Waters

Biosolids application is not permitted within 100 feet of surface waters. It may be possible, however, to have a different buffer zone approved by Ecology. Additionally, Ecology may require alternative application guidance for this type of area.


Similarly, biosolids application can only occur 100 feet away from wells. If there is a well on the property in question, you’ll need to take the necessary precautions to ensure it isn’t contaminated during or after the application process. A different buffer zone can only be approved or required by Ecology.


Absolutely no Class B quality biosolids application is allowed in wetland areas. In some situations, however, you may be able to gain approval from Ecology.

Waters of the State

As with wetlands, Class B quality biosolids application isn’t permitted near waters of the state. If you’re seeking an exemption from this regulation, you’ll need to go through Ecology for approval.

Flooded, Frozen, or Snow-Covered Sites

Additionally, you’ll be unable to perform biosolids application on soil that is flooded, frozen or covered by snow. While this means certain conditions can delay services, application will likely be permitted once the situation changes. It may also be possible to gain approval from Ecology for Class B quality biosolids. 

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Site Management Restrictions After Biosolids Application in Washington

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