Biosolids Application Terms to Know in Washington

Biosolids Application Terms washington Ensure you’re prepared for biosolids application in Washington by becoming familiar with some of the most common terms. The more you know about the process, the better prepared you’ll be to schedule the services you need.

Aerobic Digestion

Aerobic digestion refers to the process by which organic matter in biosolids undergoes biochemical decomposition. The end result is carbon dioxide and water. It’s important to realize, however, that this term doesn’t include composting. Anaerobic digestion is similar, but pertains to decomposition into methane gas and carbon dioxide.

Agricultural Land

Agricultural land, including range and pasture land, is ideal for biosolids application. It’s particularly beneficial anywhere that food crops, feed crops or fiber crops are grown.

Agronomic Rate

The agronomic rate is the rate at which biosolids should be applied so that vegetation receives the necessary amount of nitrogen for optimal growth. It must also be within the standards and requirements needed to keep nearby ground and/or surface water safe.

Ceiling Concentration

Ceiling concentration refers to the maximum amount of pollutant allowed in any biosolids sample. When pollutant levels exceed the ceiling concentration, the material is considered sewage sludge, which cannot be applied to land for any reason.


Composting is meant to promote aerobic decomposition, which can be good for vegetation growth. The term specifically refers to the biological degradation of organic materials, but only when done under controlled conditions. 


EPA stands for the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This agency is responsible for establishing and maintaining standards and regulations regarding biosolids transportation and application procedures.

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Biosolids Application Terms & Services in Washington

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