Advantages of Applying Biosolid Nutrient Content in Washington

Biosolid nutrient content WashingtonAre you considering biosolid application services and are curious about the benefits? Biosolid nutrient content is rich in elements that can be incredibly advantageous to soil and crops. The more you know about what biosolids actually contain, the better you can prepare for application.  


Biosolid nutrient content is high in nitrogen, which is one of the building blocks of proper vegetation growth. Nitrogen is responsible for creating chlorophyll, a necessary element for food growth and proliferation of greenery. By giving crops plenty of nitrogen, you can ensure a high yield. 


Phosphorus promotes energy transformation in plants and is a major contributor to photosynthesis. It is also heavily involved in the transference of sugars and other vital food for crops. Biosolids are rich in phosphorus and can help facilitate healthy growth. 


Potassium is one of the nutrients responsible for moving water into plants and activating enzymes. It also opens the stomata of the plants to help them receive oxygen and water. If your crops don’t have enough potassium, their growth will be stunted. Biosolids help prevent this and keep your plants nourished.


Calcium provides the support needed to help your plants grow and maintain their structure. It reinforces the cell walls and promotes the growth of new tissue. Plants that receive plenty of calcium are more resistant to chemical and physical stress.

Can Your Farm Benefit from Biosolid Nutrient Content in Washington?

If you’re interested in the benefits of biosolid nutrient content, Tenelco Inc. can help with application and transportation to help your crops reach their potential. We can also provide removal services. Contact us today to find out more.

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