Common Biosolid Uses in Washington

biosolid uses washingtonBiosolids are a helpful addition to any land or agricultural application. By understanding some basic biosolid uses, you can decide whether they will be the right choice for enhancing your particular reclamation site or agricultural land. There are a number of ways you can use these nutrient-rich fertilizers that can benefit you both economically and ecologically. 


Agriculture is the most common use for biosolids since they are so high in nutrients, like potassium and nitrogen. If they are applied to crops and vegetation at a correct agronomic rate, they can be highly beneficial and contribute to a larger yield without using synthetic fertilizers. 

Forestry Application 

Biosolids can help contribute to faster growth in timber and forests due to their availability and beneficial nutrient content. This can allow for more efficient regrowth in harvesting areas and a higher yield of resources when dealing with timber scarcity. It can also help with reforestation in high fire areas or regions where timber harvesting is common. 

Home Lawns and Gardens

Biosolid fertilizers are not only useful for large-scale agricultural applications or reforestation efforts. The wide availability of biosolids makes them perfect for home gardens and lawns. Have an expert test your soil to find out what nutrients your land is lacking and how biosolids can help contribute to a healthier, fuller home garden. 

Have a Need for One of These Biosolid Uses?

Could you benefit from some of these common biosolid uses? Tenelco, Inc can help with biosolid application as well as transportation so you can get the most out of your agricultural projects. We also do biosolid removal and septage receiving. Contact us today to find out how we can help. 

Benefit From Common Biosolid Uses in Washington

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