Benefits of Septage Receiving in Washington

septage washingtonDoes your home or business need a solution to septic pumping that could be beneficial and eco-friendly? There are facilities that can help turn septage into fertilizer for land application while still helping you get rid of your wastewater. Find out some of the advantages of septage receiving for biosolids and comply with Washington state regulations while helping the environment.   


Offloading septage can turn wastewater into eco-friendly biosolids that are rich in nutrient content and acceptable for land application in the agricultural space. By turning waste into viable fertilizer, you can help prevent issues with storing and treating septage that then sits in storage. Closing this ecological loop is a great way to get the septage removal you need without harming the environment.  

Reduces Landfills 

Most septage solids are separated from wastewater and put into landfills instead of being treated and used for other purposes. By turning your septage into biosolids for agricultural purposes, you can reduce the amount of landfill use in your area and contribute to a healthier, more viable agricultural system. 

Easy Process 

Septage pumping contractors can help transport your septage solids to a receiving facility instead of a landfill. This process is much simpler if the facility can help the contractor comply with all the Washington State waste standards. A licensed receiving facility will be familiar with all the regulations and can help ensure that everything is up to code. This frees up time and energy you can dedicate to your business. 

Can You Benefit from Septage Receiving In Washington?

If you are interested in the benefits of septage receiving in Washington, Tenelco Inc. can help. We also do biosolid application and transportation to help crops reach their full potential. Contact us today for more information.

Professional Septage Receiving in Washington

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