Are Biosolids Safe in Washington?

biosolids safe washingtonBiosolid application can be a great way to add much-needed nutrients to your garden or farm. However, many people worry about whether biosolids are safe because they’re made from treated sewage sludge. The truth is, they’re completely safe and can offer some great agricultural benefits. 

Heavily Studied  

Biosolid application is one of the most studied agricultural processes to ensure safety and effectiveness. The EPA has dedicated decades of study to the safety of these soil amendments. On top of that, the National Academy of Sciences has reviewed these studies and determined that they’re completely safe for use in all kinds of applications. 

No Pathogens 

Class A biosolids go through rigorous testing to ensure they’re free of pathogens. Because of this, they’re completely safe to use on crops that are meant for human consumption. As long as the level of quality and testing is high, they will be as safe as any other type of fertilizer.  

Regulated Application 

Biosolid application is highly regulated to ensure the right amount is applied to crops. The application is calculated to perfectly match the nutrient requirements of the particular crops that are receiving it. This keeps the level of biosolids correct and heavily limits the potential for any kind of contamination or over-application. 

Need Safe Biosolids for Your Farm or Garden in Washington?

Can your farm benefit from the application of biosolids? Tenelco, Inc can help with biosolid application as well as transportation.  We make sure everything is done according to local regulations and is completely safe. We also do biosolid removal and septage receiving. Contact us today to find out how we can help with all of your biosolid needs. 

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