Common Questions About Biosolids Removal in Washington

biosolids removal, biosolids transportDo you need to make arrangements for biosolids transport in Washington? You may have questions about how the process works if you never scheduled such types of services before. Here are some questions you may have that clients often inquire about.

What Are Biosolids?

Biosolids are organic compounds that contain nutrients. They’re the byproducts of local sewage treatment and can be used as fertilizer to boost the health of the soil. Before undergoing treatment, biosolids are known as sewage sludge.

How Are Biosolids Generated and Processed?

The biosolid treatment process begins before the wastewater even gets to the sewage facility. Pre-treatment includes filtering all harmful contaminants. The facility removes solid waste, after which the sewage undergoes a number of biological and chemical processes to purify the water. Upon sanitization, the resulting biosolids are transported to farmlands and other locations for distribution. 

Where Are Biosolids Used?

The biosolids are used in various land application processes. The majority of the use is agricultural. The biosolids provide nourishment to the soil, which promotes crop growth. This reduces the need for artificial and chemical-based fertilizer. Currently, all 50 states have farmlands that use biosolids to some degree.

Need Biosolids Transport Services in Washington?

Do you need to make arrangements for biosolids transport in Washington? Now that you have a more solid understanding of what biosolids are and how it works, it’s time to contact the professionals at Tenelco Inc. in Lake Stevens. We provide a number of biosolids removal and septage receiving services. Our company has the licensure and years of experience to perform the task to strict industry standards. We have established a working relationship with various companies and city administrations over the years. Learn how we may be of service.

Biosolids Transport Services in Washington

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