How to Find a Reliable Biosolids Removal Company in Washington

biosolids removalAre you in search of a biosolid removal service in Washington? With a multitude of local and federal regulations pertaining to waste disposal, selecting the right company is integral. Here are some factors to be mindful of when researching companies in your vicinity.

High Company Rating

Check the company’s ratings, which the company should have available on its website in the form of reviews from past clients. The reviews should be from other clients that rely on biosolid removal in their given industry.

State and Federal Permits

Biosolids removal and transportation are tightly regulated by multiple governing bodies. This is not something that can be done by independent or non-regulated contractors. This is why it’s important to verify that companies carry both state and federal permits. Companies that have neither or only one may not perform the job to the strictest standards, leading to subpar quality.

Land Application Services

While biosolids removal is essential, it’s best to aim for a company that can reuse the biosolids in a sustainable manner. Common uses include agricultural production and other land applications. This is an environmentally friendly solution that ensures even biosolids are reused and not wasted.

Need a Biosolid Removal Company in Washington?

Does your company require legitimate biosolid removal in Washington? Now that you understand the top factors to prioritize, make an appointment with the professionals at Tenelco Inc. We provide a range of biosolid services, from removal to septage receiving. Our service provides an eco-friendly alternative to discarding waste in landfills. All of the biosolids we remove and treat are put to use in a productive manner. We have all the mandated permits and certifications to perform industry services as outlined by state and federal ordinances.

Biosolid Removal Company in Washington

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