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biosolids and land application WashingtonDo you know what we do with the biosolids that we remove from your facility during a septage receiving process? We distribute the material to farmlands over Washington. This provides rich nutrients and is an eco-friendlier alternative to traditional fertilizer. Biosolids and land application is an intricate practice that ensures the biosolids are put to good reuse rather than being disposed of in a landfill. Learn all about the process and how it works.


Biosolids are useful for fertilizing crops. This can prove beneficial for farm owners; it helps cut down on costs and is also a sustainable way to add rich organic matter to the soil.

Mine Reclamation

There is also use for biosolids at mine sites. it can create vegetation in affected areas. Furthermore, the biosolids will assist in regenerating the soil over time. This is advantageous in surface areas with inadequate topsoil.


Biosolids also have extensive application in forests and woodlands. The material provides rich nutrients that can foster the growth of timber. In turn, this enables more frequent harvest cycles in the timber industry.


Residential and public gardens can benefit from biosolids as well. You can easily apply, store, and transport biosolids for use in this land application format.

Interested in Biosolids and Land Application in Washington?

Is your business due for biosolid removal? We not only remove biosolids but also put them to good use and in a way that benefits the environment at large. Contact Tenelco Inc. in Lake Stevens to make an appointment today. We follow all biosolids and land application procedures to strict federal and state guidelines. This ensures professional efficiency and removal completed with an appropriate timeline. 

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