Why Using Biosolids as Fertilizer is so Good for Crops in Washington

biosolids as fertilizerFarmers and ranchers in Washington understand the importance of using resources that promote the optimal growth of their crops. The more you invest in your crops now the better for future production. One such practice farmers are adopting is the use of biosolids as fertilizer. This is an environmentally friendly solution and a viable alternative to conventional chemical-based fertilizers. Here are some of the benefits of biosolids as a source of fertilizer.

Improved Output

Without the right care, you could see a major decrease in production as soil gradually loses its natural organic matter. Biosolids, though, can enhance crop yield. This is due to the high concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus, and other essential elements. 

Soil Replenishment

Global demands for produce can put a significant strain on soil availability. Biosolids have the ability to restore organic matter. This is good for aeration and moisture retention. It’s for this reason that biosolids land application has become the main practice for regenerating long-abandoned mine sites. 

Zero Groundwater Pollution

Typical chemical fertilizers can be hazardous to you, your customers, and the environment. Biosolids, by contrast, release nitrogen gradually over the growing season. This makes over-fertilization a non-issue.

Interested in Using Biosolids as Fertilizer in Washington?

Do you own farmland in Washington? If so, using biosolids as fertilizer is a good practice to adopt that just might improve your bottom line. It also has the greater benefit of preserving the environment. If this is a change you want to adopt, contact Tenelco to discuss plans for your agricultural development. We perform biosolid transport as well as septage receiving. In addition, we have all the needed permits to ensure our clients are within regulation.

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Posted on August 30, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business