Requirements for Biosolids Applied to Agricultural Land Sites in Washington

Requirements for Biosolids washingtonThe use of biosolids for agricultural use is permitted in Washington. This is actually a trending option as it’s a more environmentally friendly solution. Biosolids can improve soil health and not contaminate the groundwater. There are, however, requirements that must be in place before farmlands can apply biosolids. Learn the basic requirements for biosolids and verify that the company you hire goes through the proper channels and follows state/federal requirements.

Remove Manufactured Inerts

Before land application implementation, the biosolids must meet requirements for the removal of manufactured inerts. At a minimum, the material has to contain <1% by volume of approved inerts. In addition, the material must be screened via a bar screen with a maximum of 3/8 inch aperture. Other environmentally-approved materials of similar substances are acceptable.

Test the Soil 

Sites must undergo testing for pollutants before they can be eligible for biosolid land application. The material can’t surpass the ceiling concentration limit. Nutrient levels must also undergo a thorough examination. 

Determine the Agronomic Rate

You have to apply biosolids at the right agronomical rate. The rate is determined by nutrient concentrations in the soil. The company that supplies the materials is responsible for determining this rate. Verify that the company is able to provide this information when making arrangements for biosolids transportation. 

Restrict Public Access

Access to the location where biosolids are applied must be restricted to the general public. At a minimum, the sites must display off-limit signs for as long as the area is restricted. 

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