Crop Harvest Waiting Periods after Biosolids Application in Washington

biosolids application washingtonBiosolids application for agricultural use can be highly advantageous in Washington. This is a safer, eco-friendlier alternative to conventional chemical-based fertilizers. However, there are stringent harvesting restrictions that must be carefully followed once the biosolids have been applied. Be sure you follow these regulations to avoid violations.

Above-Ground Food Crops with No Contact

Crops grown above ground that don’t have direct contact with the biosolids can be harvested rather quickly after biosolid land application. These include common crops in the Pacific Northwest like cherries and wheat. The waiting period is just 30 days.

Above-Ground Food Crops with Contact

The harvesting period is usually longer for above-ground crops that have direct contact with biosolids. Examples include lettuce and cucumbers. These require a 14-month waiting period from the date of the biosolid application.

Root Food Crops

Common root food crops include potatoes and onions. These root vegetables often have direct contact with biosolids, resulting in a more extended waiting period. The period varies depending on how long the biosolids stay on the soil. If it’s less than four months, then the waiting period is 20 months. If more than four months, then it’s 38 months.

Feed and Fiber Crops

Feed and fiber crops, such as range land, pasture, trees and cotton, have shorter harvesting times. You can harvest these after just 30 days. However, for fiber crops like turf, waiting times can be as long as 12 months.

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