Public Restrictions after Biosolids Application Services in Washington

biosolids application services washingtonAre you prepping for biosolids application services on a parcel of property you own in Washington? While using biosolids for farming is a safe and eco-friendly solution to conventional chemical-based fertilizers, there are regulations to follow. Failure to follow state guidelines can lead to hefty fines and land audits. An important aspect is that you must restrict public access to the area once biosolids have been applied. The rules can vary depending on the situation, so here are the factors to consider.

Posting Is Required

Upon biosolids application, ensure a written notice is properly posted for the duration that access to the site is cordoned off. There needs to be a notice posted on all access points. In addition, there must be at least one notice posted for every half mile of the perimeter. 

Length of Time

The amount of time public access is to be restricted is based on the potential for public exposure. If the risk is deemed high, restrictions must be enforced for one year. When the probability of public exposure is low, you must restrict the site for 30 days.


Regulatory expectations pertaining to public access restrictions can also be approved by the Washington State Dept. of Ecology. In some instances, a simple “No Trespassing” sign may be allowed, but only if the Washington State Dept. of Ecology gives the nod of approval.

Interested in Biosolids Application Services in Washington?

Now that you understand more about public access restrictions in Washington, you can create an action plan in accordance with state guidelines. Visit Tenelco Inc. to inquire about biosolids transport and septage receiving. Our crew can assist you in the permit acquisition and help navigate the complex laws and regulatory oversights.

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