Site Management Restrictions after Biosolids Application in Washington

Site Management Restrictions after biosolids application washingtonBiosolids have multiple agricultural uses, typically functioning as a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to conventional chemical fertilizers in Washington. If you’re contemplating using biosolids, you should familiarize yourself with the rules regarding site management restrictions for biosolids upon application. Failure to adhere to the following guidelines could result in heavy fines.

Surface Waters

Biosolids application is prohibited within 100 feet of surface waters. It’s possible, though, to have a closer buffer zone approved by Ecology. In addition, Ecology may mandate alternative application guidelines on a case-by-case basis.


Likewise, biosolids application must be 100 feet away from wells. If there’s a well on the property, you’ll have to take the required precautions to be certain the well water isn’t contaminated during or after the application procedure. Keep in mind Ecology is the only governing entity that can approve a different buffer zone.


No Class B quality biosolids applications are permitted in wetland locations. In some scenarios, however, you may be able to acquire consent from Ecology under the right circumstances.

Flooded, Frozen, or Snow-Covered Areas

You cannot apply biosolids on soil that’s flooded, frozen, or covered by snow. Consequently, this may delay services as the application will likely only be granted once the temperature warms up. As with the other situations, there may be a workaround if you can get approval from Ecology.

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Site Management Restrictions for Biosolids Application in Washington

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