Biosolids Application Terms to Know in Washington

Biosolids Application Terms washingtonAre you considering biosolids application for your agricultural site? If so, there are biosolids application terms you should familiarize yourself with. Learning some of the basic jargon will help you understand how the process works and why it’s beneficial.

Aerobic Digestion

Aerobic digestion is the process by which organic materials in the biosolids undergo biochemical decomposition. What results is a mix of water and carbon dioxide. Aerobic digestion should not be confused with composting. While the two are similar, aerobic digestion has a slightly different decomposition process where carbon dioxide and methane gas are produced.

Agricultural Land

Agricultural land in this sense refers to any parcel of land eligible for biosolids application. This includes any land where crops are grown, especially farms and ranches.

Agronomic Rate

The agronomic rate is the level of biosolids to be applied so the soil receives the optimal nitrogen amount for best results. The range also needs to be within limits so as not to contaminate nearby groundwater.

Ceiling Concentration

Ceiling concentration is the maximum level of pollutants permitted in a biosolids sample. When pollutant levels surpass the ceiling concentration, the material is deemed sewage sludge, which is considered hazardous and unsuitable for application.


Composting is intended to induce aerobic decomposition, which can be beneficial for vegetation growth. The term refers to the biological degradation of organic matter, but under a controlled setting. 


EPA is an acronym for the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This agency creates guidelines regarding biosolids transportation and application.

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Biosolids Application Terms & Services in Washington

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