Benefits of Septage Receiving Services in Washington

Septage receiving services washingtonSeptage receiving service can be of immense benefit to companies in Washington. This is especially the case if you have waste that needs to be properly disposed of. Learn how septage receiving can be of advantage for your business operations.

Required Permits 

Washington State has strict guidelines in place for waste disposal and biosolids application. Smaller farms and agricultural companies may have difficulty meeting these requirements due to the complex steps required to ensure safe disposal. This is why it’s best to hire a third-party service that has the required permits for handling waste. The advantage is that it limits your liability should a violation occur. 

Necessary Equipment

In addition, transporting septage taken from businesses and residences across the region is a highly complex and expensive process. It requires commercial equipment that smaller companies often lack.


Discarding waste products in landfills isn’t the most viable solution. This is why disposal companies may elect to convert the waste into biosolid material. This is an eco-friendly solution, as the biosolids can be used as a form of natural fertilizer. In fact, biosolids can be up to 30% more productive than conventional synthetic fertilizers. Furthermore, biosolids transportation and application minimize harmful effects on the ecosystem; plus, it can assist in the local economy.

Utilize a Septage Receiving Service in Washington

Aim for a trustworthy septage receiving service in Washington. Tenelco Inc. makes it feasible for septic-pumping companies to discard their waste acquired from local companies and residential units. Plus, there’s a peace of mind knowing the waste is being put to good use by being made into biosolids that provide croplands with optimal harvests and growth. Contact us for a consultation today!

Septage Receiving Service in Washington

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