Common Questions Related to Septage Receiving Services in Washington

septage receiving services washingtonMany residences and local business owners have inquiries about septage receiving services in Washington. Perhaps you’re a contractor or are managing the system on your own. Regardless, the disposal process can be cumbersome and complex with dozens of regulations to follow. Fortunately, there are professional services that can perform the septage receiving and disposal on your behalf, thus completely removing this job from your hands. Before you consider the service, there may be some questions on your mind. Here are the common inquiries we receive from customers.

Is a Permit Required?

Washington takes septage services very seriously and has passed varying legislations that ensure disposal is done in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the environment and wildlife. Septage disposal requires a permit, and any disposal done without the required paperwork can result in serious legal ramifications.

Can I Transport Septage Myself?

Transporting waste isn’t a simple DIY process that can be carried out with a sturdy barrel and a pickup truck. On the contrary, it requires highly sophisticated commercial equipment. Instead of purchasing the cost-prohibitive equipment, it’s recommended to just hire a professional with the existing equipment.

What Is Biosolids Application?

In a similar vein, individuals and companies performing biosolids transportation and application must follow regulations in accordance with Washington state. In this process, the waste isn’t dumped in a landfill. Rather, it’s converted into biosolids that can be applied to croplands for agricultural purposes.  This is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fertilizers, which are often heavily processed.

Find Out More about Septage Receiving Services in Washington

If you want to learn more about professional septage receiving services in Washington, contact the crew at Tenelco Inc. With all the necessary permits, our company has a history of performing septage receiving services for residences and businesses all over the state. We also specialize in biosolids removal services. 

Recommended Septage Receiving Services in Washington

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