Advantages of Applying Biosolid Nutrient Content in Washington

Biosolid nutrient content WashingtonAre you contemplating biosolid land application services and are curious about the advantages? Biosolid nutrient content is high in nutritional content that can be good for soil and croplands. The more you understand the nature of biosolids the better you can prep your land for the application process.


Biosolids are a good source of nitrogen, which is an essential element for healthy crop production. Nitrogen creates chlorophyll, which is vital for hearty vegetable and fruit growth. An abundance of nitrogen in the soil increases the odds of a good harvest.


Phosphorus induces energy transformation in plants and plays an enormous role in photosynthesis. It’s also vital in shuttling sugars and other nutrients to crop roots. Finally, biosolids contain phosphorous, which further aids in growth.


Potassium is a nutrient that assists in shuttling water into plants and producing enzymes. It also helps open the plant’s stomata, in turn increasing its water and oxygen intake. If crops are deficient in potassium, it can stunt growth. Biosolids prevent deficiency in this useful mineral.


Calcium provides support for plants to retain a healthy structure. It’s similar to the way calcium helps people maintain strong bones and ligaments. It also fortifies tissue and cell wall growth. Crops with ample calcium are less likely to face physical and chemical stress.

Can Your Farm Benefit from Biosolid Nutrient Content in Washington?

If you wish to reap the benefits of biosolid nutrient content in Washington, then contact Tenelco to learn more. In addition to biosolids application, we also perform septage receiving. Whatever the case, let us help your crops produce optimal yields and consistent growth.

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