Common Biosolid Uses in Washington

biosolid uses washingtonBiosolids have immense value in agricultural applications.  It helps to have a baseline understanding of biosolid uses and the scenarios in which they can be applied to your land. Once you have this understanding, you can determine whether this is a good practice for your property. Learn how this nutrient-dense fertilizer can be applied and how it can help your business both environmentally and economically.


Agriculture is the most typical use-case scenario for biosolids. This is due to the rich composition of minerals like nitrogen and potassium. If applied in the right concentrations, this can contribute to healthy growth and production without resorting to chemical-based fertilizers. Most conventional fertilizers contain unnatural preservatives that may cause long-term harm to your crops.

Forestry Application 

Biosolids can assist the growth of forest timber. This enables better regrowth, especially during harvest season. This can be of tremendous value during times of timber and wood scarcity. It also assists in reforestation efforts in areas affected by wildfires. Biosolid is now in wide use in wooded areas in the Pacific Northwest.

Home Lawns and Gardens

Biosolid fertilizers have applications that are beyond agriculture and reforestation. They are also great for residential lawns. A landscaper can perform a soil test on your property and determine specific nutrient deficiencies. Biosolids may increase soil health for your lawn, yard, or garden.

Have a Need for One of These Biosolid Uses in Washington?

As you can see, the biosolid uses are diverse. Contact Tenelco, Inc for assistance with biosolid application and biosolids as it relates to septage receiving. Let us assist you in enriching your soil with fertilizer that’s fully natural and sustainable.

Benefit From Common Biosolid Uses in Washington

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