Benefits of Septage Receiving in Washington

septage washingtonDoes your residence or business require a solution to septic pumping that could be advantageous and sustainable? There are companies that can convert septage into fertilizer for land use while helping you remove your wastewater. Learn of the benefits of septage receiving for biosolids and comply with Washington state protocols while minimizing your carbon footprint.   


Offloading septage can convert wastewater into biosolids that are high in nutritional content and great for use in the agricultural landscape. By turning waste into high-quality fertilizer, you can prevent problems with holding and treating septage that then sits in storage. Closing this ecological loop is a terrific means of getting the septage removal you require minus the negative environmental impacts.

Reduces Landfills 

Most septage solids are filtered from wastewater and applied to landfills rather than being treated and applied for other uses. By converting the septage into beneficial biosolids, you can minimize landfill waste and play a greater role in a healthier agricultural system.

Easy Process 

Septage pumping companies can help move your septage solids to a receiving facility and not a landfill. The intricate process is far simpler if the facility can coordinate with the company to follow Washington State guidelines. A licensed facility is up to date with the latest requirements and verifies all processes are up to code. This helps free up your time so that you can focus on your business and clients.

Can You Benefit from Septage Receiving In Washington?

If you’re contemplating the advantages of septage receiving in Washington, Tenelco Inc. can be of assistance. We also perform biosolid application and transportation to assist crops to achieve greater growth. Contact us today to learn more about how it works.

Professional Septage Receiving in Washington

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