Ecological Benefits of Biosolid Land Application in Washington

biosolid land applicationIf you have been thinking about a more sustainable practice for your farm or agricultural site, then biosolid land application may be the solution. This is a greener solution to conventional fertilizers. The benefits are enormous, especially when it comes to minimizing your carbon footprint. Knowing the advantages could help you determine whether this is the best course for you. Here are some of the highlights associated with biosolids.

Reduce Water Use

With biosolid use, soil holding capacity gradually increases. This also lessens the water required to irrigate the surface and prevent droughts. This saves you money by reducing water usage, which also places less strain on irrigation systems.

Reduced Petroleum-Based Fertilizers 

Many industrial fertilizers contain petroleum in their production. Natural gas is required to make both ammonia and urea, which are typical elements of most synthetic fertilizers. Biosolids are naturally high in these elements and don’t need additional energy for production. Biosolids are a natural way to minimize petroleum production on a mass scale. This alone has a tremendous environmental impact in a positive way.

Increased Forest Production

One of the greatest ecological advantages of biosolid land application is that it aids in the acceleration of forest regrowth. This is vastly important given the deforestation taking place in North America. Biosolids enrich the soil, thereby indirectly speeding up forest production in land areas that may otherwise be barren for prolonged periods.

Need Biosolid Land Application in Washington?

If you want to reap the green advantages of biosolids, Tenelco Inc. can assist with both application and transportation. We also offer licensed septage receiving. No need to deal with a middle guy when making arrangements for biosolid transportation. 

Professional Biosolid Land Application in Washington

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