Are Biosolids Safe in Washington?

biosolids safe washingtonBiosolid application is a terrific means to incorporate much-needed nutrients into your garden or agricultural site. However, some people are concerned about whether biosolids are safe. After all, they’re composed of sewage sludge. despite their seemingly gross origins, biosolids are fully safe and even provide advantages over traditional fertilizers.

Heavily Studied

Biosolid application is a heavily researched process to ensure safety and efficiency. The EPA has spent hours and federal funds to study the safety of these soil amendments. In addition, the National Academy of Sciences has reviewed these studies and concluded that they’re safe for use in a variety of gardening and crop production uses. 

No Pathogens 

Class A biosolids undergo strenuous testing to ensure they’re free of pathogens and other harmful bacteria that lead to diseased crops. Due to these findings, they’re absolutely safe to apply on crops intended for human consumption. They’re just as safe as conventional fertilizers commonly used in commercial farms throughout Washington.

Regulated Application 

Biosolid application is highly regulated. Due to the immense regulatory oversight, biosolids are fortified to provide your crops with the rich nutrients required for optimal production. There are guidelines that dictate volume use and other application rules. This prevents over-use or contamination from incorrect application.

Need Safe Biosolids for Your Farm or Garden in Washington?

Can your farm benefit from biosolid use? Tenelco, Inc can assist with biosolid application. To make the process more efficient, we also provide biosolid transportation to the application site as well as septage receiving. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can optimize your crops in a safe and sustainable way.

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