Requirements for Transporting Biosolids in Washington

Requirements for Transporting Biosolids WashingtonIf you have biosolids on your property, you can’t just haul it on a truck. There are strict federal and state requirements. With this in mind, what are the requirements for transporting biosolids as it pertains to Washington? This is a matter we’ll discuss because it must be done to industry standards. Incorrect transport can lead to serious ramifications. The following are the guidelines as required by the state.

Legal Permit

Washington sets forth the rules for the storage, disposal, transportation and land application of biosolids. To partake in any of these actions, a state-issued permit is needed. If you or the company you intend to hire lacks a permit, trying to transport these materials could result in heavy fines.

Properly Cleaned Transportation Vehicle

Vehicles used to haul biosolids are sometimes the same used to transport food crops, feed crops and fiber crops. This is permitted, but only if the vehicle is adequately cleaned beforehand.  

Spill Prevention/Response Plan

Spill prevention and response plans are required for biosolids transportation. You have to submit an action plan to the state. The plan must be comprehensive and include these provisions:

  • Main route traveled and possible backup routes
  • Spill prevention protocols
  • Equipment required to respond appropriately to a spill on the vehicle
  • Contact information 

Need Help with Requirements for Transporting Biosolids in Washington?

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Assistance with Requirements for Transporting Biosolids in Washington

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