What to Look For in Septage Receiving Services in Washington

septage receiving services washingtonIf your business requires quality septage receiving services, you understand how hard they can be to find. Knowing that your septage needs are being handled in a professional and industry-specific manner is key. Here are some attributes associated with septage receiving; this will help you find a compatible service that you can return to time and again for your septage and biosolid application needs.

Regular Service Schedule 

Septage receiving isn’t a one-time endeavor. It’s something that needs to be scheduled at regular intervals. The service should provide service plans that automatically schedule you for the next service. This ensures your needs are taken care of year-round and is something you don’t have to worry about.

Capacity Capability 

Any facility you utilize to receive septage should be able to accommodate the capacity you’re delivering. Regardless of the load type, it’s essential to know the facility can handle your load consistently. Once this is confirmed, it’s a significant peace of mind, and you can focus solely on your business. 

Regulation Compliance  

Following regulations is a facet that’s often overlooked but is absolutely crucial. There are protocols regarding the environment, procedures, etc. Review the company’s policy to be certain it follows federal and state guidelines. Be cautious of companies that have a history of failed audits and fines for compliance violations.

Require Septage Receiving Services in Washington?

Do you need high-quality receiving services? Tenelco, Inc can assist you.  We take all precautions to ensure our septage receiving complies with Washington and regional guidelines. In addition, our services also include biosolid removal and application. Contact us to determine how we can be a long-term partner in your septage receiving needs.

Professional Septage Receiving Services in Washington

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