Biosolids and Land Application in Washington

biosolids land application washingtonWant to learn more about biosolid application in Washington? Using this sustainable alternative to waste dumping in landfills can be advantageous for your agricultural site and the ecosystem. Biosolids are rich in nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which crops have immense use for. Here are some info to contemplate as you decide whether biosolids are right for your crops.

Biosolids Basics

Biosolids stem from wastewater. However, the wastewater does contain residue with properties similar to soil with a similar nutrient profile. This residue is separated from the water waste. Upon extraction, the material undergoes a filtering process to remove harmful bacteria and other contaminants. Further processing includes stabilizing the solids. The final product is material suitable for use as fertilizer that promotes healthy crop yields. More farm and ranch owners are turning to biosolids due to their sustainability. 


Conservation of landfill space is a huge benefit. There’s also no need to expend non-renewable sources like phosphorous. Biosolids are commonly used in lands with low-quality soil. It’s also used in public spaces like forests for enriching foliage production. Other advantages include:

  • Increased crop production
  • Minimizing soil erosion
  • Minimizing topsoil runoff
  • Improved soil water holding capacity
  • Protecting water quality
  • Minimizing the need for synthetic fertilizers
  • Improved soil organic matter
  • Better soil microbial profile
  • Reduced fertilizer cost

Need Help with Biosolid Application in Washington?

Now that you understand the biosolid basics and the fundamentals, take the next step forward by calling the team at Tenelco Inc. We provide biosolids transport and land application and septage receiving all over Washington. We have the permits to perform the job according to state and federal guidelines. Call us for an initial consultation. 

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