Good Reasons for Biosolids Land Application in Washington

biosolids land application washingtonAre you contemplating about biosolids land application in Washington? Perhaps you’re a company owner or agricultural landowner. Regardless, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the process’ inner workings. Biosolids are high in nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, and can be very advantageous. Applying biosolids to farmlands is also an environmentally friendly alternative to disposing waste into landfills. Keep the following reasons for biosolid use in mind as you determine what’s optimal for your property.

Replenishing Organic Matter

After biosolids removal and treatment, the filtered material is efficient at restoring the soil’s organic matter. This is particularly good for farms that have been depleted of essential nutrients over the years. Using biosolids as fertilizer can replenish nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and trace elements of calcium and magnesium.

More Efficient Absorption

Absorption efficiency post-application is crucial. Chemical fertilizers usually take longer to have an impact because they are absorbed into the soil at a slower rate. Selecting biosolids means the organic, slow-release nitrogen and phosphorus will have a more prolonged impact.

Less Water-Soluble

Organic nutrients are less water-soluble compared to their chemical counterparts. Whereas chemicals can seep into groundwater and induce serious issues, biosolids keep the nutrients close to the plant roots. This optimizes growth and ensures greater longevity.

Interested in Biosolids Land Application in Washington?

With the above information in mind, take the next step and consult with a professional at Tenelco Inc. in Lake Stevens for help. We provide a wide spectrum of services from septage receiving to transport and land application. We’re fully licensed and have the required permits to perform the work to the strictest federal and state standards. Leave it to us to provide biosolid application for your agricultural land.

Biosolids Land Application in Washington

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