Questions to Ask about Biosolids Removal Services in Washington

biosolids removal questions in WashingtonDo you need biosolids removal for your facility in Washington? It’s important to enlist a waste management service you can trust. Finding the right company does entail some research. Here are some biosolids removal questions to ask to help you in your research.

Are You Licensed?

A good question to ask a biosolids removal and transport service is whether it holds a license. Such services must abide by hazard waste disposal guidelines at the federal and state level. You want an agency that has followed the rigorous steps to acquire a license as proof that it has fulfilled the requirements. Steer clear of companies that can’t submit proof of licensure.

How Much Will the Service Cost?

The company should provide a written quote after inspecting your waste removal requirements. With an estimate, you can compare the price against similar companies in the region. Be sure to read the terms and conditions to watch out for not-so-obvious surplus fees.

When Can We Start?

Ask about when services can start. There may be other clients ahead of yours, so the company may be unable to start at your earliest convenience. This is really a vital question if you need waste removal within a brief timeframe.

We Answer Your Biosolids Removal Questions in Washington

Do you have additional biosolids removal questions in Washington? Aside from biosolids transport, we also conduct septage receiving services. We’re licensed and carry the permits to perform waste transport and removal. We have served the region as industry experts for a long time, with customers trusting us for our dedication to professionalism. Contact Tenelco today to learn how we can be of service and remove biosolid waste from your facility in an industry-approved and sustainable manner.

Answering Your Biosolids Removal Questions

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