What to Look For in Septage Receiving Services in Washington

septage receiving services washingtonIf your business requires quality septage receiving services, you understand how hard they can be to find. Knowing that your septage needs are being handled in a professional and industry-specific manner is key. Here are some attributes associated with septage receiving; this will help you find a compatible service that you can return to time and again for your septage and biosolid application needs.

Regular Service Schedule 

Septage receiving isn’t a one-time endeavor. It’s something that needs to be scheduled at regular intervals. The service should provide service plans that automatically schedule you for the next service. This ensures your needs are taken care of year-round and is something you don’t have to worry about.

Capacity Capability 

Any facility you utilize to receive septage should be able to accommodate the capacity you’re delivering. Regardless of the load type, it’s essential to know the facility can handle your load consistently. Once this is confirmed, it’s a significant peace of mind, and you can focus solely on your business. 

Regulation Compliance  

Following regulations is a facet that’s often overlooked but is absolutely crucial. There are protocols regarding the environment, procedures, etc. Review the company’s policy to be certain it follows federal and state guidelines. Be cautious of companies that have a history of failed audits and fines for compliance violations.

Require Septage Receiving Services in Washington?

Do you need high-quality receiving services? Tenelco, Inc can assist you.  We take all precautions to ensure our septage receiving complies with Washington and regional guidelines. In addition, our services also include biosolid removal and application. Contact us to determine how we can be a long-term partner in your septage receiving needs.

Professional Septage Receiving Services in Washington

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Requirements for Transporting Biosolids in Washington

Requirements for Transporting Biosolids WashingtonIf you have biosolids on your property, you can’t just haul it on a truck. There are strict federal and state requirements. With this in mind, what are the requirements for transporting biosolids as it pertains to Washington? This is a matter we’ll discuss because it must be done to industry standards. Incorrect transport can lead to serious ramifications. The following are the guidelines as required by the state.

Legal Permit

Washington sets forth the rules for the storage, disposal, transportation and land application of biosolids. To partake in any of these actions, a state-issued permit is needed. If you or the company you intend to hire lacks a permit, trying to transport these materials could result in heavy fines.

Properly Cleaned Transportation Vehicle

Vehicles used to haul biosolids are sometimes the same used to transport food crops, feed crops and fiber crops. This is permitted, but only if the vehicle is adequately cleaned beforehand.  

Spill Prevention/Response Plan

Spill prevention and response plans are required for biosolids transportation. You have to submit an action plan to the state. The plan must be comprehensive and include these provisions:

  • Main route traveled and possible backup routes
  • Spill prevention protocols
  • Equipment required to respond appropriately to a spill on the vehicle
  • Contact information 

Need Help with Requirements for Transporting Biosolids in Washington?

Do you need biosolids transportation services in Washington? Now that you understand the provisions, it’s essential to choose a service capable of satisfying them. Tenelco Inc. can be of assistance. Our dedicated and seasoned team has the skills and commercial tools to meet your needs, from septage receiving to application. We hold all the required permits and are familiar with national and state regulations, so no need to worry about compliance issues. Contact us today!

Assistance with Requirements for Transporting Biosolids in Washington

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Are Biosolids Safe in Washington?

biosolids safe washingtonBiosolid application is a terrific means to incorporate much-needed nutrients into your garden or agricultural site. However, some people are concerned about whether biosolids are safe. After all, they’re composed of sewage sludge. despite their seemingly gross origins, biosolids are fully safe and even provide advantages over traditional fertilizers.

Heavily Studied

Biosolid application is a heavily researched process to ensure safety and efficiency. The EPA has spent hours and federal funds to study the safety of these soil amendments. In addition, the National Academy of Sciences has reviewed these studies and concluded that they’re safe for use in a variety of gardening and crop production uses. 

No Pathogens 

Class A biosolids undergo strenuous testing to ensure they’re free of pathogens and other harmful bacteria that lead to diseased crops. Due to these findings, they’re absolutely safe to apply on crops intended for human consumption. They’re just as safe as conventional fertilizers commonly used in commercial farms throughout Washington.

Regulated Application 

Biosolid application is highly regulated. Due to the immense regulatory oversight, biosolids are fortified to provide your crops with the rich nutrients required for optimal production. There are guidelines that dictate volume use and other application rules. This prevents over-use or contamination from incorrect application.

Need Safe Biosolids for Your Farm or Garden in Washington?

Can your farm benefit from biosolid use? Tenelco, Inc can assist with biosolid application. To make the process more efficient, we also provide biosolid transportation to the application site as well as septage receiving. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can optimize your crops in a safe and sustainable way.

Learn More About Why Biosolids Are Safe in Washington

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Ecological Benefits of Biosolid Land Application in Washington

biosolid land applicationIf you have been thinking about a more sustainable practice for your farm or agricultural site, then biosolid land application may be the solution. This is a greener solution to conventional fertilizers. The benefits are enormous, especially when it comes to minimizing your carbon footprint. Knowing the advantages could help you determine whether this is the best course for you. Here are some of the highlights associated with biosolids.

Reduce Water Use

With biosolid use, soil holding capacity gradually increases. This also lessens the water required to irrigate the surface and prevent droughts. This saves you money by reducing water usage, which also places less strain on irrigation systems.

Reduced Petroleum-Based Fertilizers 

Many industrial fertilizers contain petroleum in their production. Natural gas is required to make both ammonia and urea, which are typical elements of most synthetic fertilizers. Biosolids are naturally high in these elements and don’t need additional energy for production. Biosolids are a natural way to minimize petroleum production on a mass scale. This alone has a tremendous environmental impact in a positive way.

Increased Forest Production

One of the greatest ecological advantages of biosolid land application is that it aids in the acceleration of forest regrowth. This is vastly important given the deforestation taking place in North America. Biosolids enrich the soil, thereby indirectly speeding up forest production in land areas that may otherwise be barren for prolonged periods.

Need Biosolid Land Application in Washington?

If you want to reap the green advantages of biosolids, Tenelco Inc. can assist with both application and transportation. We also offer licensed septage receiving. No need to deal with a middle guy when making arrangements for biosolid transportation. 

Professional Biosolid Land Application in Washington

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Benefits of Septage Receiving in Washington

septage washingtonDoes your residence or business require a solution to septic pumping that could be advantageous and sustainable? There are companies that can convert septage into fertilizer for land use while helping you remove your wastewater. Learn of the benefits of septage receiving for biosolids and comply with Washington state protocols while minimizing your carbon footprint.   


Offloading septage can convert wastewater into biosolids that are high in nutritional content and great for use in the agricultural landscape. By turning waste into high-quality fertilizer, you can prevent problems with holding and treating septage that then sits in storage. Closing this ecological loop is a terrific means of getting the septage removal you require minus the negative environmental impacts.

Reduces Landfills 

Most septage solids are filtered from wastewater and applied to landfills rather than being treated and applied for other uses. By converting the septage into beneficial biosolids, you can minimize landfill waste and play a greater role in a healthier agricultural system.

Easy Process 

Septage pumping companies can help move your septage solids to a receiving facility and not a landfill. The intricate process is far simpler if the facility can coordinate with the company to follow Washington State guidelines. A licensed facility is up to date with the latest requirements and verifies all processes are up to code. This helps free up your time so that you can focus on your business and clients.

Can You Benefit from Septage Receiving In Washington?

If you’re contemplating the advantages of septage receiving in Washington, Tenelco Inc. can be of assistance. We also perform biosolid application and transportation to assist crops to achieve greater growth. Contact us today to learn more about how it works.

Professional Septage Receiving in Washington

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Common Biosolid Uses in Washington

biosolid uses washingtonBiosolids have immense value in agricultural applications.  It helps to have a baseline understanding of biosolid uses and the scenarios in which they can be applied to your land. Once you have this understanding, you can determine whether this is a good practice for your property. Learn how this nutrient-dense fertilizer can be applied and how it can help your business both environmentally and economically.


Agriculture is the most typical use-case scenario for biosolids. This is due to the rich composition of minerals like nitrogen and potassium. If applied in the right concentrations, this can contribute to healthy growth and production without resorting to chemical-based fertilizers. Most conventional fertilizers contain unnatural preservatives that may cause long-term harm to your crops.

Forestry Application 

Biosolids can assist the growth of forest timber. This enables better regrowth, especially during harvest season. This can be of tremendous value during times of timber and wood scarcity. It also assists in reforestation efforts in areas affected by wildfires. Biosolid is now in wide use in wooded areas in the Pacific Northwest.

Home Lawns and Gardens

Biosolid fertilizers have applications that are beyond agriculture and reforestation. They are also great for residential lawns. A landscaper can perform a soil test on your property and determine specific nutrient deficiencies. Biosolids may increase soil health for your lawn, yard, or garden.

Have a Need for One of These Biosolid Uses in Washington?

As you can see, the biosolid uses are diverse. Contact Tenelco, Inc for assistance with biosolid application and biosolids as it relates to septage receiving. Let us assist you in enriching your soil with fertilizer that’s fully natural and sustainable.

Benefit From Common Biosolid Uses in Washington

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Advantages of Applying Biosolid Nutrient Content in Washington

Biosolid nutrient content WashingtonAre you contemplating biosolid land application services and are curious about the advantages? Biosolid nutrient content is high in nutritional content that can be good for soil and croplands. The more you understand the nature of biosolids the better you can prep your land for the application process.


Biosolids are a good source of nitrogen, which is an essential element for healthy crop production. Nitrogen creates chlorophyll, which is vital for hearty vegetable and fruit growth. An abundance of nitrogen in the soil increases the odds of a good harvest.


Phosphorus induces energy transformation in plants and plays an enormous role in photosynthesis. It’s also vital in shuttling sugars and other nutrients to crop roots. Finally, biosolids contain phosphorous, which further aids in growth.


Potassium is a nutrient that assists in shuttling water into plants and producing enzymes. It also helps open the plant’s stomata, in turn increasing its water and oxygen intake. If crops are deficient in potassium, it can stunt growth. Biosolids prevent deficiency in this useful mineral.


Calcium provides support for plants to retain a healthy structure. It’s similar to the way calcium helps people maintain strong bones and ligaments. It also fortifies tissue and cell wall growth. Crops with ample calcium are less likely to face physical and chemical stress.

Can Your Farm Benefit from Biosolid Nutrient Content in Washington?

If you wish to reap the benefits of biosolid nutrient content in Washington, then contact Tenelco to learn more. In addition to biosolids application, we also perform septage receiving. Whatever the case, let us help your crops produce optimal yields and consistent growth.

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Common Questions Related to Septage Receiving Services in Washington

septage receiving services washingtonMany residences and local business owners have inquiries about septage receiving services in Washington. Perhaps you’re a contractor or are managing the system on your own. Regardless, the disposal process can be cumbersome and complex with dozens of regulations to follow. Fortunately, there are professional services that can perform the septage receiving and disposal on your behalf, thus completely removing this job from your hands. Before you consider the service, there may be some questions on your mind. Here are the common inquiries we receive from customers.

Is a Permit Required?

Washington takes septage services very seriously and has passed varying legislations that ensure disposal is done in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the environment and wildlife. Septage disposal requires a permit, and any disposal done without the required paperwork can result in serious legal ramifications.

Can I Transport Septage Myself?

Transporting waste isn’t a simple DIY process that can be carried out with a sturdy barrel and a pickup truck. On the contrary, it requires highly sophisticated commercial equipment. Instead of purchasing the cost-prohibitive equipment, it’s recommended to just hire a professional with the existing equipment.

What Is Biosolids Application?

In a similar vein, individuals and companies performing biosolids transportation and application must follow regulations in accordance with Washington state. In this process, the waste isn’t dumped in a landfill. Rather, it’s converted into biosolids that can be applied to croplands for agricultural purposes.  This is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fertilizers, which are often heavily processed.

Find Out More about Septage Receiving Services in Washington

If you want to learn more about professional septage receiving services in Washington, contact the crew at Tenelco Inc. With all the necessary permits, our company has a history of performing septage receiving services for residences and businesses all over the state. We also specialize in biosolids removal services. 

Recommended Septage Receiving Services in Washington

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Benefits of Septage Receiving Services in Washington

Septage receiving services washingtonSeptage receiving service can be of immense benefit to companies in Washington. This is especially the case if you have waste that needs to be properly disposed of. Learn how septage receiving can be of advantage for your business operations.

Required Permits 

Washington State has strict guidelines in place for waste disposal and biosolids application. Smaller farms and agricultural companies may have difficulty meeting these requirements due to the complex steps required to ensure safe disposal. This is why it’s best to hire a third-party service that has the required permits for handling waste. The advantage is that it limits your liability should a violation occur. 

Necessary Equipment

In addition, transporting septage taken from businesses and residences across the region is a highly complex and expensive process. It requires commercial equipment that smaller companies often lack.


Discarding waste products in landfills isn’t the most viable solution. This is why disposal companies may elect to convert the waste into biosolid material. This is an eco-friendly solution, as the biosolids can be used as a form of natural fertilizer. In fact, biosolids can be up to 30% more productive than conventional synthetic fertilizers. Furthermore, biosolids transportation and application minimize harmful effects on the ecosystem; plus, it can assist in the local economy.

Utilize a Septage Receiving Service in Washington

Aim for a trustworthy septage receiving service in Washington. Tenelco Inc. makes it feasible for septic-pumping companies to discard their waste acquired from local companies and residential units. Plus, there’s a peace of mind knowing the waste is being put to good use by being made into biosolids that provide croplands with optimal harvests and growth. Contact us for a consultation today!

Septage Receiving Service in Washington

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Biosolids Application Terms to Know in Washington

Biosolids Application Terms washingtonAre you considering biosolids application for your agricultural site? If so, there are biosolids application terms you should familiarize yourself with. Learning some of the basic jargon will help you understand how the process works and why it’s beneficial.

Aerobic Digestion

Aerobic digestion is the process by which organic materials in the biosolids undergo biochemical decomposition. What results is a mix of water and carbon dioxide. Aerobic digestion should not be confused with composting. While the two are similar, aerobic digestion has a slightly different decomposition process where carbon dioxide and methane gas are produced.

Agricultural Land

Agricultural land in this sense refers to any parcel of land eligible for biosolids application. This includes any land where crops are grown, especially farms and ranches.

Agronomic Rate

The agronomic rate is the level of biosolids to be applied so the soil receives the optimal nitrogen amount for best results. The range also needs to be within limits so as not to contaminate nearby groundwater.

Ceiling Concentration

Ceiling concentration is the maximum level of pollutants permitted in a biosolids sample. When pollutant levels surpass the ceiling concentration, the material is deemed sewage sludge, which is considered hazardous and unsuitable for application.


Composting is intended to induce aerobic decomposition, which can be beneficial for vegetation growth. The term refers to the biological degradation of organic matter, but under a controlled setting. 


EPA is an acronym for the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This agency creates guidelines regarding biosolids transportation and application.

Learn More About Biosolids Application Terms & Services in Washington Today

Tenelco Inc. is here to help with your biosolids application process. We have the license to perform this task in accordance with EPA and state regulations. Contact us today for biosolids application, septage receiving, and more. 

Biosolids Application Terms & Services in Washington

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