Trusted Biosolids Transportation and Land Application in Washington

Trusted Biosolids Transportation and Land Application | TenelcoServing municipalities and land-owners across Washington state, Tenelco is a biosolids transport and land application company located in Lake Stevens.  With our own fleet of trucks and land application tractors and spreaders, and with all state and federal permitting in place, we ‘download’ biosolids from municipal sewage treatment plants and ‘upload’ them to croplands – transforming liabilities into opportunities.

Beneficial Use of Biosolids in Land Application

Biosolids are the nutrient-rich organic material generated from municipal wastewater treatment, which can be safely recycled and beneficially applied to cropland. This land application, also called ‘beneficial use’, enhances and enriches agricultural soils with nutrients, microorganisms, metals, sand, grit, and synthetic and naturally occurring trace organic compounds. The nutrient portion contains all essential plant macro and micro-nutrients including potassium, phosphorous, sulfur, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc.

Higher Crop Production with Greater Safety

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Over 25 years of research, field observations and monitoring of soil, groundwater and surface waters, Washington university scientists have found biosolids to be an effective alternative to synthetic fertilizers, while also being protective of public health and the environment. Properly treated biosolids significantly increase soil organic matter and moisture retention, improve soil structure, enhance fertility, encourage microbial activity and increase crop yields. Microorganisms in the soil gradually convert nitrogen in the organic matter into plant-available nitrogen at rates similar to plant uptake, minimizing the possibility of nitrates leaching out of the root zone like synthetic fertilizers. With productivity increases of 30%+ over commercial fertilizers AND increased environmental safety, land application of biosolids is indeed a ‘beneficial use’.

State & Federal Safety Regulations

Biosolids are classified by federal and state regulations as either Class A or Class B, with the latter having been treated to reduce pathogen indicators to 95-99% pathogen-free. Typically applied to farmland 13 to 21 months prior to any grain or produce harvesting activity, no harvesting is ever done until long after the required 30-day waiting period expires per state and federal regulations. Applied using standard farming practices with Tenelco tractors pulling Tenelco spreaders, access restriction signs are posted at the primary access to each application field restricting access until 30 days after application.
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Tenelco’s Commitment to the Environment

Tenelco is dedicated to helping transform a ‘negative’ environmental material into a positive one. Washington State University Cooperative Extension (WSU) and University of Washington (UW) scientists in dryland wheat and biosolids research have been evaluating the effect of cropland-applied biosolids on nutrients, soil conditioning and crop quality for over 25 years, proving short and long-lasting positive impacts on soil and crop health. The impact of biosolids land application on carbon storage in soils has also been researched, with WSU and UW scientists finding significant increases in soil carbon which can help reduce greenhouse gases and mitigate climate change.

Dependable & Affordable Biosolids Transportation and Land Application

The pros at Tenelco are always ready to discuss our money-saving biosolids transportation and land application services with new prospective municipal clients and agricultural landowners.  With our own fleet of trucks and application equipment, we don’t outsource any of the process, thereby lowering costs to municipalities and farming enterprises over the services of other providers. Give us a call or email us to discuss your needs today!

Dependable, High-Quality, Affordable Biosolids Transportation and Land Application

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