Questions to Ask about Biosolids Removal Services in Washington

biosolids removal questions in WashingtonDo you need biosolids removal for your facility in Washington? It’s important to enlist a waste management service you can trust. Finding the right company does entail some research. Here are some biosolids removal questions to ask to help you in your research.

Are You Licensed?

A good question to ask a biosolids removal and transport service is whether it holds a license. Such services must abide by hazard waste disposal guidelines at the federal and state level. You want an agency that has followed the rigorous steps to acquire a license as proof that it has fulfilled the requirements. Steer clear of companies that can’t submit proof of licensure.

How Much Will the Service Cost?

The company should provide a written quote after inspecting your waste removal requirements. With an estimate, you can compare the price against similar companies in the region. Be sure to read the terms and conditions to watch out for not-so-obvious surplus fees. Continue Reading →

How to Find a Reliable Biosolids Removal Company in Washington

biosolid removal in WashingtonAre you seeking a biosolid removal service in Washington? With multiple state and federal guidelines regarding waste disposal, choosing the right company is essential. Here are some variables to be mindful of when researching companies in your area.

High Company Rating

Look up the company’s ratings, which it should have on its website in the form of reviews from prior customers. The reviews should be from other companies that depend on biosolid removal in their respective industry.

State and Federal Permits

Biosolids removal and transportation are highly regulated by multiple governing entities. This cannot be completed by independent or non-regulated contractors. This is why it’s vital to confirm that companies have both state and federal permits. Companies that have neither or just one cannot do the work to the highest standards, leading to sub-tier quality.

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Securing Affordable Biosolids Removal Services in Washington

municipal waste water treatment facilityAre you seeking affordable biosolids removal services in Washington? Maybe you own a septic system agency or operate a city waste-water treatment center. Regardless, it’s essential to find a waste management service you can rely on while also maintaining a sound budget. Here are a few tips to help you in your search for a reputable service that provides fair price points.

Research Local Averages

Start by looking up the average fee of biosolids removal in your area. This will provide a cost reference to work with and help establish a reasonable budget. In this stage, you’ll also eliminate companies that charge above your budget.

2. Schedule Multiple Consultations

Contact a minimum of three companies to get a quote. Talking to a service representative is also an effective barometer of the type of service you’ll get. Does the crew seem knowledgeable in industry standards? Is the consultant polite? Continue Reading →

Good Reasons for Biosolids Land Application in Washington

biosolids land application washingtonAre you contemplating about biosolids land application in Washington? Perhaps you’re a company owner or agricultural landowner. Regardless, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the process’ inner workings. Biosolids are high in nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, and can be very advantageous. Applying biosolids to farmlands is also an environmentally friendly alternative to disposing waste into landfills. Keep the following reasons for biosolid use in mind as you determine what’s optimal for your property.

Replenishing Organic Matter

After biosolids removal and treatment, the filtered material is efficient at restoring the soil’s organic matter. This is particularly good for farms that have been depleted of essential nutrients over the years. Using biosolids as fertilizer can replenish nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and trace elements of calcium and magnesium.

More Efficient Absorption

Absorption efficiency post-application is crucial. Chemical fertilizers usually take longer to have an impact because they are absorbed into the soil at a slower rate. Selecting biosolids means the organic, slow-release nitrogen and phosphorus will have a more prolonged impact.

Less Water-Soluble

Organic nutrients are less water-soluble compared to their chemical counterparts. Whereas chemicals can seep into groundwater and induce serious issues, biosolids keep the nutrients close to the plant roots. This optimizes growth and ensures greater longevity.

Interested in Biosolids Land Application in Washington?

With the above information in mind, take the next step and consult with a professional at Tenelco Inc. in Lake Stevens for help. We provide a wide spectrum of services from septage receiving to transport and land application. We’re fully licensed and have the required permits to perform the work to the strictest federal and state standards. Leave it to us to provide biosolid application for your agricultural land.

Biosolids Land Application in Washington

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Biosolids and Land Application in Washington

biosolids land application washingtonWant to learn more about biosolid application in Washington? Using this sustainable alternative to waste dumping in landfills can be advantageous for your agricultural site and the ecosystem. Biosolids are rich in nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which crops have immense use for. Here are some info to contemplate as you decide whether biosolids are right for your crops.

Biosolids Basics

Biosolids stem from wastewater. However, the wastewater does contain residue with properties similar to soil with a similar nutrient profile. This residue is separated from the water waste. Upon extraction, the material undergoes a filtering process to remove harmful bacteria and other contaminants. Further processing includes stabilizing the solids. The final product is material suitable for use as fertilizer that promotes healthy crop yields. More farm and ranch owners are turning to biosolids due to their sustainability. 


Conservation of landfill space is a huge benefit. There’s also no need to expend non-renewable sources like phosphorous. Biosolids are commonly used in lands with low-quality soil. It’s also used in public spaces like forests for enriching foliage production. Other advantages include:

  • Increased crop production
  • Minimizing soil erosion
  • Minimizing topsoil runoff
  • Improved soil water holding capacity
  • Protecting water quality
  • Minimizing the need for synthetic fertilizers
  • Improved soil organic matter
  • Better soil microbial profile
  • Reduced fertilizer cost

Need Help with Biosolid Application in Washington?

Now that you understand the biosolid basics and the fundamentals, take the next step forward by calling the team at Tenelco Inc. We provide biosolids transport and land application and septage receiving all over Washington. We have the permits to perform the job according to state and federal guidelines. Call us for an initial consultation. 

Assisting You With Biosolid Application 

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What to Look For in Septage Receiving Services in Washington

septage receiving services washingtonIf your business requires quality septage receiving services, you understand how hard they can be to find. Knowing that your septage needs are being handled in a professional and industry-specific manner is key. Here are some attributes associated with septage receiving; this will help you find a compatible service that you can return to time and again for your septage and biosolid application needs.

Regular Service Schedule 

Septage receiving isn’t a one-time endeavor. It’s something that needs to be scheduled at regular intervals. The service should provide service plans that automatically schedule you for the next service. This ensures your needs are taken care of year-round and is something you don’t have to worry about.

Capacity Capability 

Any facility you utilize to receive septage should be able to accommodate the capacity you’re delivering. Regardless of the load type, it’s essential to know the facility can handle your load consistently. Once this is confirmed, it’s a significant peace of mind, and you can focus solely on your business. 

Regulation Compliance  

Following regulations is a facet that’s often overlooked but is absolutely crucial. There are protocols regarding the environment, procedures, etc. Review the company’s policy to be certain it follows federal and state guidelines. Be cautious of companies that have a history of failed audits and fines for compliance violations.

Require Septage Receiving Services in Washington?

Do you need high-quality receiving services? Tenelco, Inc can assist you.  We take all precautions to ensure our septage receiving complies with Washington and regional guidelines. In addition, our services also include biosolid removal and application. Contact us to determine how we can be a long-term partner in your septage receiving needs.

Professional Septage Receiving Services in Washington

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Requirements for Transporting Biosolids in Washington

Requirements for Transporting Biosolids WashingtonIf you have biosolids on your property, you can’t just haul it on a truck. There are strict federal and state requirements. With this in mind, what are the requirements for transporting biosolids as it pertains to Washington? This is a matter we’ll discuss because it must be done to industry standards. Incorrect transport can lead to serious ramifications. The following are the guidelines as required by the state.

Legal Permit

Washington sets forth the rules for the storage, disposal, transportation and land application of biosolids. To partake in any of these actions, a state-issued permit is needed. If you or the company you intend to hire lacks a permit, trying to transport these materials could result in heavy fines.

Properly Cleaned Transportation Vehicle

Vehicles used to haul biosolids are sometimes the same used to transport food crops, feed crops and fiber crops. This is permitted, but only if the vehicle is adequately cleaned beforehand.  

Spill Prevention/Response Plan

Spill prevention and response plans are required for biosolids transportation. You have to submit an action plan to the state. The plan must be comprehensive and include these provisions:

  • Main route traveled and possible backup routes
  • Spill prevention protocols
  • Equipment required to respond appropriately to a spill on the vehicle
  • Contact information 

Need Help with Requirements for Transporting Biosolids in Washington?

Do you need biosolids transportation services in Washington? Now that you understand the provisions, it’s essential to choose a service capable of satisfying them. Tenelco Inc. can be of assistance. Our dedicated and seasoned team has the skills and commercial tools to meet your needs, from septage receiving to application. We hold all the required permits and are familiar with national and state regulations, so no need to worry about compliance issues. Contact us today!

Assistance with Requirements for Transporting Biosolids in Washington

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Finding Reliable Biosolids Removal Services in Washington

Biosolids Removal in washingtonIf your municipality requires biosolids removal in Washington, look for a company that can perform this much-needed service at a fair price. It’s not always easy to find a trustworthy company, but here are some tips to ensure you hire a company that is trustworthy and performs the work to strict industry standards.

Ask for Recommendations

One of the most effective ways to find a good biosolids removal service is to simply ask other city employees. Other industry professionals, even if they work in the next county over, can refer you to a legitimate biosolids transport company.

Research the Options

While recommendations from people you know are great, additional research is still necessary. Spend some time researching viable options. visit their websites if available. You should also take it a step further by calling the company and asking questions directly. If the representative sounds knowledgeable and courteous, that’s a positive sign.

Ask for References

Previous client comments can be especially helpful when choosing a biosolid removal company. Look up the reviews and testimonials you find. In addition, talk to the company to request a reference list. A legitimate company shouldn’t have trouble providing this upon request.

Need Biosolids Removal in Washington?

If you require dependable biosolids removal services and don’t know which company to hire, contact the pros at Tenelco in Lake Stevens for help. For many years, we have been providing cities and municipalities with biosolids transport and septage receiving services. Our clients have come to trust us for biosolids removal in Washington due to our strict adherence to industry guidelines and never cutting corners. Plus, our service is also an eco-friendly solution that makes sustainable use of biosolids that would otherwise be treated as waste.

Superior Biosolids Removal Services in Washington

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Are Biosolids Safe in Washington?

biosolids safe washingtonBiosolid application is a terrific means to incorporate much-needed nutrients into your garden or agricultural site. However, some people are concerned about whether biosolids are safe. After all, they’re composed of sewage sludge. despite their seemingly gross origins, biosolids are fully safe and even provide advantages over traditional fertilizers.

Heavily Studied

Biosolid application is a heavily researched process to ensure safety and efficiency. The EPA has spent hours and federal funds to study the safety of these soil amendments. In addition, the National Academy of Sciences has reviewed these studies and concluded that they’re safe for use in a variety of gardening and crop production uses. 

No Pathogens 

Class A biosolids undergo strenuous testing to ensure they’re free of pathogens and other harmful bacteria that lead to diseased crops. Due to these findings, they’re absolutely safe to apply on crops intended for human consumption. They’re just as safe as conventional fertilizers commonly used in commercial farms throughout Washington.

Regulated Application 

Biosolid application is highly regulated. Due to the immense regulatory oversight, biosolids are fortified to provide your crops with the rich nutrients required for optimal production. There are guidelines that dictate volume use and other application rules. This prevents over-use or contamination from incorrect application.

Need Safe Biosolids for Your Farm or Garden in Washington?

Can your farm benefit from biosolid use? Tenelco, Inc can assist with biosolid application. To make the process more efficient, we also provide biosolid transportation to the application site as well as septage receiving. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can optimize your crops in a safe and sustainable way.

Learn More About Why Biosolids Are Safe in Washington

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Ecological Benefits of Biosolid Land Application in Washington

biosolid land applicationIf you have been thinking about a more sustainable practice for your farm or agricultural site, then biosolid land application may be the solution. This is a greener solution to conventional fertilizers. The benefits are enormous, especially when it comes to minimizing your carbon footprint. Knowing the advantages could help you determine whether this is the best course for you. Here are some of the highlights associated with biosolids.

Reduce Water Use

With biosolid use, soil holding capacity gradually increases. This also lessens the water required to irrigate the surface and prevent droughts. This saves you money by reducing water usage, which also places less strain on irrigation systems.

Reduced Petroleum-Based Fertilizers 

Many industrial fertilizers contain petroleum in their production. Natural gas is required to make both ammonia and urea, which are typical elements of most synthetic fertilizers. Biosolids are naturally high in these elements and don’t need additional energy for production. Biosolids are a natural way to minimize petroleum production on a mass scale. This alone has a tremendous environmental impact in a positive way.

Increased Forest Production

One of the greatest ecological advantages of biosolid land application is that it aids in the acceleration of forest regrowth. This is vastly important given the deforestation taking place in North America. Biosolids enrich the soil, thereby indirectly speeding up forest production in land areas that may otherwise be barren for prolonged periods.

Need Biosolid Land Application in Washington?

If you want to reap the green advantages of biosolids, Tenelco Inc. can assist with both application and transportation. We also offer licensed septage receiving. No need to deal with a middle guy when making arrangements for biosolid transportation. 

Professional Biosolid Land Application in Washington

Serving the Municipalities of Western Washington and the Farmers of Eastern Washington

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