Reliable Septage Receiving in Washington

Tenelco provides reliable septage receiving services to septic-pumping companies throughout Washington state. Headquartered in Lake Stevens, we specialize in making septage receiving simple, affordable and eco-friendly. Large septic pumping company or small, our experienced team has the knowledge, skill and equipment to ensure your waste management needs are fully met.

Reliable Septage Receiving in Washington | Tenelco

Our Septage Receiving Facilities

Tenelco has facilities for local septic-pumping contractors to offload septage collected from businesses and homeowners across the region. With the required state-issued permits and high-quality transportation equipment, we can easily receive septage to be processed into biosolids waste for land application; transforming liabilities into opportunities.

Washington State Regulations

Reliable Septage Receiving in Washington | TenelcoTenelco can help your septic-pumping company comply with Washington State waste standards. With facilities available for septage receiving, we can handle this step so you can spend more time serving your clients.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Landfills

There’s a more eco-friendly alternative to septage management than dumping into landfills. Waste is received at Tenelco septage receiving facilities, then processed into Class B biosolids which are favorable for cropland fertilization. With the equipment to land-apply biosolids as fertilizer year-round, our process makes farmland 30% more productive than using synthetic fertilizers, while reducing the harmful effects on the environment. Help us help the environment and the local economy by using our septage receiving facilities.

Septage Receiving Solutions in Washington

Serving municipalities, agricultural landowners and septic pumping companies throughout Washington